PBA Galleries presents: Sale 618: Americana - Travel & Exploration - World History - Cartography (636 Lots)


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1233 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Sale Date

Thu, June 29th 2017, 11:00 - 16:00

Lot 1: Papers of John Adams and his family

Lot 2: Rare 1795 Virginia “Slave Non-Importation” certificate

Lot 3: Free Black woman refused residence in Rhode Island

Lot 4: 1843 Letter on Negro Camp Meeting in New York

Lot 5: 1850 letter, Alabama job for Emancipated Slave

Lot 6: Letter by Georgia Lawyer as Slave Trader

Lot 7: Lincoln’s Economist Tracks Fugitive Slave, 1851 letter

Lot 8: James Garfield friend horrified by Mississippi Slavery, 1857 Letters Arch...

Lot 9: Nome Alaska mining prospectus with large map

Lot 10: Rare, early photograph of Skagway, Alaska 1897

Lot 11: Photograph of Sullivan City, Alaska c.1904

Lot 12: Baseball at Alaska mission c.1900

Lot 13: Two signed by moon astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Lot 14: Photos of the Apollo 11 mission signed by Buzz Aldrin

Lot 15: Allan's Lone Star Ballads 1874

Lot 16: 1836 Letter, ‘Apostle to the Indians’ in Arkansas on the ‘Trail of Tears...

Lot 17: American Mechanics' Magazine, Vol. II 1826

Lot 18: Thomas Ashe on Mammal Bones 1806

Lot 19: 1880 Lease for Chinese Sharecroppers, Butte County, California

Lot 20: San Francisco Chinese journalist opposes Chinese immigrant 'exclusion'

Lot 21: WWII Tribute to SF Chinese-American Servicemen

Lot 22: Only known copy of SF Chinese-American magazine

Lot 23: Japanese-Americans in Pasadena and Menlo Park, 1906-23

Lot 24: Menu from first Los Angeles Sushi Restaurant

Lot 25: Atkinson's Address on Oregon 1868

Lot 26: Ms. account of dropping of 1st atomic bomb

Lot 27: Ms. observations of Nagasaki atomic bomb

Lot 28: John Foster Dulles on eliminating nuclear weapons

Lot 29: Five on atomic bomb & related subjects

Lot 30: Autographs of Atomic Bomb aviators