PBA Galleries presents: Sale 616: The Richard Beagle Collection of Angling & Sporting Books, Part I (318 Lots)


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1233 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Sale Date

Thu, June 1st 2017, 11:00 - 16:00

Lot 1: Aldam's Flees & the Art a Artyfichall Flee Making

Lot 2: R.G. Allerton Brook Trout Fishing 1869

Lot 3: Rough Guide to New Zealand Big Game Fishing

Lot 4: Atlantic Salmon & The Fly Fisherman

Lot 5: Life of gunwriter Jack O'Connor 1/1000

Lot 6: Tales of a Big Game Guide 1938 - signed

Lot 7: The Great Salmon Rivers of Scotland 1/30

Lot 8: A Line on Salmon 1/35

Lot 9: A Salmon Fisher's Odyssey 1/20

Lot 10: The Fly and the Fish 1/222 with letters from the author

Lot 11: Louis Babcock The Tarpon Third Edition inscribed

Lot 12: William Baigent A Book on Hackles for Fly Dressing

Lot 13: Dr. Baigent Notes on Tying Certain Flies

Lot 14: R. Palmer Baker The Sweet of the Year`

Lot 15: Men, Fish and Tackle signed by J.A. Coxe

Lot 16: Bandini, Tight Lines 1/500

Lot 17: Hunting in the Yukon, 1911

Lot 18: Bates Fishing Atlantic Salmon 1/250

Lot 19: Bates Fishing Atlantic Salmon deluxe with box 1/26

Lot 20: Bates Art of the Salmon Fly Deluxe edition

Lot 21: Joseph Bates Atlantic Salmon Flies 1 of 24 copies

Lot 22: Joseph Bates Atlantic Salmon Treasure

Lot 23: Bates Fishing One of 12 copies

Lot 24: Joseph Bates Streamer Fly Tying 1 of 10 copies

Lot 25: Joseph Bates One of 24 sets in mahogany case

Lot 26: Streamers and Bucktails 1/35

Lot 27: Ray Bergman's Freshwater Bass Limited Edition

Lot 28: Ray Bergman's Trout Limited Edition

Lot 29: Ray Bergman's With Fly Plub & Bait Limited Edition

Lot 30: A Treatyse of Fysshynge With an Angle