PBA Galleries presents: Sale 608: Americana - Travel & Exploration - World History - Photographs - Cartography (549 Lots)


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1233 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Sale Date

Thu, February 23rd 2017, 11:00 - 16:00

Lot 1: Abdy's tour of American prisons in the 1830s

Lot 2: Ansel Adams, Making a Photograph, signed

Lot 3: Free Black woman refused legal residence

Lot 4: Letter of Virgini slave-holder barred from taking slaves to Ohio

Lot 5: The Adventures of Willie Green, 1915

Lot 6: 1943 "Service Men's Map" of segregated Washington, D.C., with separate "N...

Lot 7: How They Learned About Texas - 2 limited issues

Lot 8: Volumes 1 & 2 of Harriman's Alaska

Lot 9: Almanac Americain pour L'annee 1802

Lot 10: 1836 Letter, ‘Apostle to the Indians’ in Arkansas on the ‘Trail of Tears...

Lot 11: 1777 Letter from Paris on Benjamin Franklin as American Revolutionary en...

Lot 12: Funding & troops for the Revolution

Lot 13: 13 volumes from the American Trail Series

Lot 14: Eight titles published by the Book Club of Texas

Lot 15: Five volumes published by the Book Club of Texas

Lot 16: Nine volumes of Americana published by the Book Club of California

Lot 17: Three items of Americana

Lot 18: Appleton's Guide to U.S. & Canada 1883

Lot 19: Ironwork on the Mark Hopkins Hotel San Francisco

Lot 20: 1873 Letter about the US Cavalry camp that guarded Tucson against Apach...

Lot 21: How to survive an Atomic Bomb

Lot 22: Guide to California Motoring with maps 1926

Lot 23: Road altas of Utah & surrounding states 1921

Lot 24: San Mateo Airport opens 1930

Lot 25: Rare program for NationalAir Races 1936

Lot 26: Baedeker's United States first edition 1893

Lot 27: Baldwin Locomotives Trade Catalog

Lot 28: Hebberd Edition of Bancroft's History of California

Lot 29: Two biographies of baseball greats

Lot 30: American Lawyer, and Business-Man's Form-Book