PBA Galleries presents: Sale 594: Fine Art, Works on Paper, Books & Prints (208 Lots)


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1233 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Sale Date

Thu, August 25th 2016, 11:00 - 16:00

Lot 1: Carlos Llerena Aguirre Self-Portrait 1985

Lot 2: H. Oliver Albright original sketchbook

Lot 3: Tango - 11 prints by Argentine artists

Lot 4: Karel Appel original color lithograph

Lot 5: Max Backmann The Merry-go-Round 1922

Lot 6: Max Beckmann lithograph Das Theaterfoyer

Lot 7: Max Beckmann Self Portrait with the Battenbergs

Lot 8: Max Beckmann The Draftsman in Society 1922

Lot 9: Max Beckman lithograph Die Kranke

Lot 10: Portrait of Dostoyevsky by Max Beckmann

Lot 11: Max Beckmann Society 1915 3rd state

Lot 12: Max Beckmann Society 1915 1st state

Lot 13: Max Beckmann illustration from The Duchess

Lot 14: Max Beckmann etching The Madhouse 1919

Lot 15: Max Beckmann Prosit Neujahr 1917

Lot 16: Max Beckmann Happy New Year 1917 1/40 on Japan paper

Lot 17: Max Backmann Self-Portrait 1946

Lot 18: Max Beckmann Theater 1919

Lot 19: Painting for Madeline and the Bad Hat Ludwig Bemelmans

Lot 20: George Biddle Lithograph

Lot 21: Jacques Blény color lithograph Signed 1957

Lot 22: Pierre Bonnard Sainte Monique patron saint of diffucult marriages

Lot 23: Maurice Braun Oil Painting Eucalyptus

Lot 24: Oil painting by Anne Bremer

Lot 25: Burgess pencil sketch of Canadian frontiersman

Lot 26: Burgess watercolor of California coast

Lot 27: Alexander Calder color lithograph signed

Lot 28: Paul Cezanne etching

Lot 29: Christopher William Clarke oil painting Big Pines CA

Lot 30: Pencil drawing by Isaac Cruikshank