PBA Galleries presents: Sale 590: Fine Modern Literature with the Allen Berlinski Collection of Charles Bukowski (474 Lots)


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1233 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Sale Date

Thu, July 14th 2016, 11:00 - 16:00

Lot 1: Bukowski Aftermant of a Lengthy Rejection Slip

Lot 2: Bukowski's All the Assholes in the World and Mine

Lot 3: Charles Bukowski Alone in a Time of Armies 1/26

Lot 4: Charles Bukowski As Buddha Smiles 1/26

Lot 5: Bukowski At Terror Street and Agony Way

Lot 6: Bukowski At Terror Street and Agony Way 1/75

Lot 7: Bukowski French Quarter Broadside

Lot 8: Bukowski Betting on the Muse 1/26 copies

Lot 9: Bukowski, earthquake, 1/26

Lot 10: Bukowski broadside The Bluebird

Lot 11: Bukowski Bone Palace Ballet 1 of 26 copies

Lot 12: Charles Bukowski Bring Me Your Love 1/376 signd copies

Lot 13: The Bukowski / Purdy Letters - 1/200

Lot 14: Bukowski Sampler, Inscribed

Lot 15: Bukowski Burning in Water Drowning Flame w/painting

Lot 16: Bukowski The Captain is Out to Lunch

Lot 17: Captain is Out to Lunch, Bukowski - signed by Crumb

Lot 18: Chilled Green by Bukowski signed postcard

Lot 19: Bukowski Cold Dogs in the Courtyard signed

Lot 20: Bukowski, Coward, 1/26

Lot 21: Confessions of a Man Insane Enough to Live with Beasts

Lot 22: Cornered signed by Bukowski 1/30

Lot 23: Crucifix in a Deathhand, Bukowski

Lot 24: Bukowski Curtains are Waving booklet signed

Lot 25: Bukowski Dangling in the Tournefortia w/painting

Lot 26: Charles Bukowski Darkness & Ice 1/50 copies.

Lot 27: The Day It Snowed in L.A., Bukowski, 1/26

Lot 28: Bukowski The Days Run Away, Bukowski 1/50

Lot 29: Dear Mr Bukowski 1st Edition 1/50 copies

Lot 30: Dear Mr Bukowski 1st German Edition signed