PBA Galleries presents: Sale 585: Rare Natural History & Color Plate Books - Art & Illustration (275 Lots)


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1233 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Sale Date

Thu, May 5th 2016, 11:00 - 15:00

Lot 1: Rare plants in the garden of Cardinal Farnese

Lot 2: Some Birds and Mammals of North America

Lot 3: 100 striking color plates of orchids

Lot 4: Beebe's Monograph on the Pheasant

Lot 5: Scarce European costume plates

Lot 6: Original botanical watercolor on vellum by P. Bessa

Lot 7: Thomas Bewick's History of Quadrupeds

Lot 8: Flora of Britain, Colored Plates

Lot 9: Six Volumes with Botanical Color Plates

Lot 10: Three Botanical Volumes with Color Plates

Lot 11: Botanical Color Plates

Lot 12: Scarce American botanical book Flores Poetici

Lot 13: European Ferns by J. Britten illus. D. Blair 1880

Lot 14: J. Carson Illustrations of Medical Botany

Lot 15: 800+ chromolithographs of orchids

Lot 16: Australian Botany from Cook's first voyage

Lot 17: Cooper's Experienced Botanist or Indian Physician 1840

Lot 18: Henry Curtis Beauties of the Rose 38 color plates

Lot 19: Forces Which Produce the Organization of Plants

Lot 20: Notes on Tulip Species with color plates

Lot 21: Ferns of North America, 1879

Lot 22: Trees and Shrubs of Massachusetts, 1878

Lot 23: John Evelyn Sylva Third Edition 1801

Lot 24: John Evelyn Sylva Second Edition 1670

Lot 25: Australian Parrots by Forshaw and Cooper

Lot 26: The Flowers Personified 1849

Lot 27: Greenewalt's Hummingbirds limited edition

Lot 28: John Harris Gardens of Delight

Lot 29: Hartig Natural History of the forest

Lot 30: Flowers of the Field and Forest, Color Plates, 1886