PBA Galleries presents: Sale 578: Americana, Travel/Exploration, Cartography, African/Asian Americana and Directories (689 Lots)


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1233 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

Sale Date

Thu, Jan 28, 2016 11:00 AM

Lot 1: Ansel Adams Images 1923-1974 signed

Lot 2: John & Samuel Adams on government

Lot 3: Map of Alaska with text 1898

Lot 4: Prescription Forms For Medicinal Liquor

Lot 5: Ethan Allen's captivity 1845 edition

Lot 6: Five signed political works

Lot 7: Scarce volume on English & American Brickwork

Lot 8: Three works on American Architecture

Lot 9: Arkansas promo pamphlet 1890

Lot 10: Chester A Arthur Presidential Appointment signed

Lot 11: First U.S. Aircraft Carrier photo albums

Lot 12: Early Airport Design

Lot 13: Bookmark from the Explorer II baloon

Lot 14: Inscribed by Amelia Earhart

Lot 15: Fabric square from Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Vega

Lot 16: Original portrait negative of Amelia Earhart

Lot 17: Original snapshot of Amelia Earhart

Lot 18: Three letters from Ernest K. Gann

Lot 19: Hiway-Skiway Road Atlas for pilots

Lot 20: Lawson - Aircraft Industry Builder

Lot 21: H.J. Heinz Famous Airplane Pictures, 2nd Series

Lot 22: Oakland's new airport 1928

Lot 23: Dole Trans-Pacific Race Flyer

Lot 24: Photo album of women aviators in the 1930s

Lot 25: Reception to Colonel Charles Lindbergh Salt Lake City

Lot 27: Baja California Travels Series, Inscribed

Lot 28: Drawing of major leaguer Joe Gedeon

Lot 29: Princeton-Harvard baseball program 1898

Lot 30: Season ticket for Yale baseball 1894

Lot 31: The History of Don Francisco De Miranda's Attempt to Effect a Revolution...