MacDougall Arts Ltd presents: Russian Art (243 Lots)


MacDougall Arts Ltd


30A Charles II St London SW1Y 4AE

Sale Date

Wed, Dec 2, 2015 10:30 AM

An Important Collection of Works by Isaac Levitan

Lot 1: Vase of Flowers and a Visiting Card by Ivan Kramskoy

Lot 2: Pechersky Ascension Monastery, Nizhny Novgorod by Konstantin Kryzhitsky

Lot 3: The Lake by Konstantin Kryzhitsky

Lot 4: Last Snow by Vitold Bilianitsky-Birulia

Lot 5: Market Scene in Naples by Georges Lapchine

Lot 6: View of a Street in Pskov by Arnold Lakhovsky

Lot 7: Peonies in a Vase by Alexander Yakovlev

Lot 9: Bouquet of Flowers on a Red Background by Alexander Osmerkin

Lot 10: Portrait of Selma Alexander by Boris Grigoriev

Lot 11: High Water by Isaak Levitan

Lot 12: Forest Meadow by Isaak Levitan

Lot 13: Tree by the Lake by Isaak Levitan

Lot 14: Southern Landscape by Vasily Polenov

Lot 15: Repose at Sunset by Konstantin Somov

Lot 16: Forest Clearing by Ivan Shishkin

Lot 17: Equestrian Portrait of Seymourina Poirson by Nikolai Sverchkov

Lot 18: Roman Orgy by Vasily Kotarbinsky

Lot 19: Laundry Day by Stepan Kolesnikov

Lot 20: Still Life with Watermelons and Melons by Stepan Kolesnikov

Lot 21: Winter Study by Sergei Vasilkovsky

Lot 22: Ukrainian Hut on a Hill by Sergei Vasilkovsky

Lot 23: Winter Village at Sunset by Sergei Vasilkovsky

Lot 24: Oak Grove by Yakov Brovar

Lot 25: Portrait of the Artist's Daughter Olga in the Garden by Konstantin Makov...

Lot 26: Bear Hunt by Evgeny Tikhmenev

Lot 27: Dogs and Wolf by Evgeny Tikhmenev

Lot 28: Fishermen in the Harbour by Alexander Gine

Lot 29: Alpine Landscape by Apolinary Goravsky

Lot 30: Pine Forest by Ivan Shishkin

Lot 31: Summer Landscape with a River by Andrei Shilder