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Queen Elizabeth I dress may have been found in Herefordshire

Indian King's arms and armour to make £1 Million

Prince Rupert Loewenstein wardrobe to auction

Political and royal correspondence collection at Bonhams

Princess Diana dresses auction for $500,000

The 10,000 piece Royal memorabilia collection of Jan Hugo

Rare Princess Diana memorial urn by Aynsley china

George VI and Queen Elizabeth coronation badge

Rare Royal Scots guards uniform up for auction

Queen Victoria Royal wedding cake display at Christies

Royal menus Queen Elizabeth II Collectors memorabilia

Royal autographs King George IV Queen Charlotte

Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee gold medal

Fawzia Empress of Iran autographed letter Iran

Collection of d 20th Century European Royalty postcards

Collection Royal Memorabilia autographs Prince Charles

Royal Worcester model of HRH Princess Elizabeth

Painted parcel gilt coat of arms Royal coronet

Original Royal collectible Kensington letter

Cast Iron Royal coat of arms

Princess Diana Letter royal wedding signed

Prince of Wales Liverpool jug Royal George IV

Royal Mary Queen Scots Elizabeth 1 Throckmorton

vintage 1977 Queen Elizabeth Jubilee jar

Buckingham Palace glass tumbley collecting

Royal photographs signed silver frames

Royal George II memorial pendant with King Edward 4th hair

Late 19th/early 20th century Royal Warrant

Gold and agate teething necklace of King George II

Royal and Noble Decent auction