RR Auction presents: Remarkable Rarities Auction 461 (99 Lots)


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Sale Date

Mon, Sep 28, 2015 1:00 PM

Lot 8001: Princess Diana and Prince Charles Original Wedding Photographs

Lot 8002: John and Jackie Kennedy Oversized Signed Photographic Print

Lot 8003: Jacqueline Kennedy’s Nikon Camera

Lot 8004: John F. Kennedy’s Groomsman Wedding Gift Umbrella

Lot 8005: Jacqueline Kennedy White House Restoration Archive

Lot 8006: John F. Kennedy Typed Letter Signed and Statement

Lot 8007: John F. Kennedy Handwritten Manuscript Announcing His Presidential Can...

Lot 8008: John F. Kennedy Signed Profiles in Courage

Lot 8009: Jacqueline Kennedy Handwritten Notes to JFK

Lot 8010: John and Jacqueline Kennedy Signed Holiday Card

Lot 8012: John F. Kennedy’s Air Force One Passenger List

Lot 8013: John F. Kennedy’s Brown Leather Watch Band

Lot 8014: Declaration of Independence Force Print

Lot 8015: John Hancock Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 8017: George Washington Letter Signed

Lot 8018: John Adams Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 8019: Thomas Jefferson Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 8020: Thomas Jefferson Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 8022: The White House Plinth

Lot 8023: Andrew Jackson Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 8025: Abraham Lincoln Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 8026: Abraham Lincoln and US Grant Signed Document

Lot 8027: Fabric from Laura Keene’s Dress Worn at Ford’s Theatre

Lot 8028: Mary Todd Lincoln Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 8029: Jefferson Davis Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 8030: Gettysburg-worn Jacket and Archive Belonging to Samuel Creese

Lot 8032: Union Sharpshooter’s Rifle

Lot 8033: Union Colt Third Model Dragoon

Lot 8034: Confederate Griswold Revolver

Lot 8035: Confederate LeMat Revolver