RR Auction presents: Remarkable Rarities (54 Lots)


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Sale Date

9:00 Thu 13th - 22:00 Tue 25th September 2018

Lot 3001: Declaration of Independence Signers Collection

Lot 3002: Alexander Hamilton Estate Document

Lot 3003: George Washington Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 3004: Martha Washington and George Washington Autograph Letter Signed and Fr...

Lot 3005: John Adams Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 3006: Thomas Jefferson Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 3007: James Madison and James Monroe Signed Document

Lot 3008: Andrew Johnson Signed Document

Lot 3009: Franklin Pierce Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 3010: John Steuart Curry Signed Lithograph

Lot 3011: Theodore Roosevelt 1901 Signed Proclamation Upon McKinley's Death

Lot 3012: Harry S. Truman Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 3013: Dwight D. Eisenhower Hand-Edited 'Balance Sheet on Bombing' and 'Negot...

Lot 3014: John F. Kennedy and Moonwalkers Signed Display

Lot 3015: Lyndon B. Johnson Civil Rights Act Signing Pen

Lot 3016: Louis Pasteur Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 3017: Titanic: J. Bruce Ismay Signed Document

Lot 3018: Alexander Graham Bell and The Aerial Experiment Association Photograph...

Lot 3019: Wright Brothers Photograph Collection of William Preston Mayfield

Lot 3020: Orville Wright Typed Letter Signed

Lot 3021: Amelia Earhart 1928 Transatlantic 'Friendship' Chair

Lot 3023: Apollo 1 Signed Photograph and Flight Suit Patches

Lot 3024: Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Flown American Flag

Lot 3025: Isaac Newton Signature

Lot 3026: Charles Babbage Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 3027: Apple-1 Computer

Lot 3028: Steve Jobs Yearbook

Lot 3029: Steve Jobs Signed Time Magazine Cover

Lot 3030: Steve Jobs Signed Annual Report

Lot 3031: Steve Jobs Signed Program