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Thu, Dec 3, 2015 11:00 AM

Two hundred and thirty-five select maps and books on the cartography of California, the rush for gold, the surveying of the states and territories adjacent, the sea and land tracks to the Golden State, and more. This portion of the Heckrotte Collection is particularly rich in rare pocket maps – of the California gold region, the city of San Francisco, the western territories, the lands to the south – plus large folding maps, scarce separate issues, and other rarities. The books include first-han

Lot 1: Abert in Comanche country with map 1846

Lot 2: Abert explores New Mexico with map 1848

Lot 3: Bryant in California 5th ed. with maps

Lot 4: Butterfield's US & Mexico with map 1860

Lot 5: Report on California with maps 1850

Lot 6: Capron's California with map 1854

Lot 7: Central Pacific RR pamphlet with map 1866

Lot 8: Road across the Sierra Nevada 1855

Lot 9: De Smet's Oregon Missions in French

Lot 10: Derby maps Colorado River 1852

Lot 11: With Derby map of southern Central Valley Calif. 1852

Lot 12: Duflot de Mofras 2 volumes + atlas inscribed

Lot 13: Dutton's Grand Canyon with Atlas

Lot 14: Colonial History of San Francisco 1866

Lot 15: 3 Wm. Eddy documents, 1 signed

Lot 16: Fine copy of Emory with map

Lot 17: Emory's Boundary Report with colored Geologic Map

Lot 18: Ferry's Nouvelle Californie 1850 with maps

Lot 19: History of Upper & Lower California by Forbes

Lot 20: Franchere to Northwest Coast 1811-1814

Lot 21: Fr?mont's 1842 expedition in wrappers

Lot 22: Fremont's Exploring Expedition with large map

Lot 23: German edition of Fr?mont 1848 with map

Lot 24: Fr?mont's Geographical Memoir with map 1848

Lot 25: Scenes de la Vie Californienne 1859

Lot 26: Josiah Gregg Commerce of the Prairies 1844

Lot 27: Heap's Central Route to Paciific with rare map 1854

Lot 28: Dragoon Campaigns to the Rocky Mountains 1836

Lot 29: Hinton's Arizona Handbook with large map 1878

Lot 30: Resources of Vallejo CA with 2 maps 1869