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9:00 Sun 1st - 11:00 Thu 19th November 2015

Nearly 300 lots of rare and interesting books including important works of Americana, significant accounts of early travels and explorations, early printed books, finely printed books, beautifully illustrated works, art and photography monographs, rare editions of modern literary works, and much more.

Rudolf von Alt catalogue

Ray Bergman's Trout First Edition

Salmon of the Pacific Coast by R.D. Hume

Schwiebert's Salmon of the World Limited Edition

Columbia River Salmon Fishing 1902

Artists Equity Spring Fantasia Masquerade No. 1 1950

Claude Aveline and Sorel Etrog limited edition

Letters from an Officer in the Guards 1778

Decorative Art of Leon Bakst 1913

The sculpture and prints of Ernest Barlach

Manuscript volume of Italian poetry

1593 Disputationum Roberti Bellarmini Politiani Societa Tis Lesu

Diary of a Country Priest Limited Editions Club

Saint Mark from Great Bible of 1566

Bruce Rogers Lectern Bible One of 200 copies

The Illustrated Family Bible

3rd and 4th Book of Kings from the Great Bible 1566

Superbly colored engravings after Stradanus

Superbly colored engravings after Stradanus

Machu Picchu discovered by Hiram Bingham, 1930

Bligh's Account of the Mutiny, 1792 first edition

First Edition of Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson

Ben Bova Star Conquerors First Edition of his First Book

Bernard Buffet Le Voyage au Japon 24 color lithographs

Al-Busiri Carmen Mysticum

Steel engraved portraits of American notables

Caesar's Commentaries 1737 with maps and plates

Letter and book signed by Truman Capote

Cartier-Bresson The Decisive Moment

Chagall's designs for the bible