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Sale Date

10:44 Thu 16th - 19:00 Thu 23rd January 2020

Lot 1: Abraham Lincoln Endorsement Signed

Lot 2: Thomas Edison Stunning Signed Portrait

Lot 3: Franz Liszt Signed Photo

Lot 4: Subscription for Portraits of the Presidents Signed by J. Q. Adams, Polk,...

Lot 5: Vinson Supreme Court Signed Presentation Photo

Lot 6: Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio Collection

Lot 7: Rare Sigmund Freud ALS Related to Sexual Issues

Lot 8: Salvador Dali Original Drawing in Book

Lot 9: New York Yankees team signed baseball c.1937

Lot 10: Autograph album with over 250 autographs: Theodore Roosevelt, William Mc...

Lot 11: Rare Ronald Reagan ALS as president

Lot 12: Roosevelt, Franklin D. Exceptional large format photograph signed as Pre...

Lot 13: William McKinley Signed Oversize Photograph Incredible 20"x24"

Lot 14: Reagan, Ford, Carter Signed Presidents Photo

Lot 15: James Madison Signed Appointment

Lot 16: James Monroe Free Frank envelope

Lot 17: James Monroe

Lot 18: John Quincy Adams

Lot 19: Andrew Jackson Signed Letter

Lot 20: Andrew Jackson Endorsement

Lot 21: George Washington Writing

Lot 22: Martin Van Buren Letter Signed Appointing Fourth Auditor

Lot 23: James K. Polk Signed Appointment

Lot 24: Millard Fillmore Secretarial Signed Front leaf from Book

Lot 25: Franklin Pierce Civil War Date ALS to General Cushing his attorney Gener...

Lot 26: James Buchanan Interesting ALS

Lot 27: U.S. Grant

Lot 28: Rutherford B. Hayes Signed image of First Lady

Lot 29: Rutherford B. Hayes ,Crisp ink signature,

Lot 30: James Garfield