One of a Kind Collectibles presents: Rare Autographs, Manuscripts, Books and Photography (159 Lots)


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Sale Date

10:00 Wed 27th March - 20:00 Thu 11th April 2019

Lot 1: Abraham Lincoln Handwritten Note To Secretary Of Navy

Lot 2: Abraham Lincoln Military Commission Document Signed As President

Lot 3: George Washington Signed Letter

Lot 4: Incredible Jefferson Davis Signed Letter

Lot 5: Rare Howard Hughes Love Letter Archive

Lot 6: Andrew Johnson Pardon For A Murderer Of A Civil War Captain

Lot 7: Samuel Francis Smith Original Handwritten "America" Lyrics

Lot 8: Honoré De Balzac Handwritten Signed Note

Lot 9: Robert Louis Stevenson Rare AQS

Lot 10: Peter Lawford "Oceans 11" Original Signed Contract

Lot 11: Woody Guthrie "Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done" Original Autograph...

Lot 12: Harry Vardon Signed Oversized Photo

Lot 13: Rare Thomas Edison's Own Stock For NJ Patent Company Signed Twice

Lot 14: Harry Houdini Signed Chicago Magic Program

Lot 15: James Monroe Signature

Lot 16: John Quincy Adams Signed Document

Lot 17: Martin Van Buren Handwritten Signed Letter

Lot 18: Martin Van Buren Signed Letter

Lot 19: William Henry Harrison Signed Document

Lot 20: Zachary Taylor Signed Letter

Lot 21: Franklin Pierce ALS As President

Lot 22: James Buchanan And The Nicaraguan Treaty

Lot 23: Early James Buchanan ANS

Lot 24: Andrew Johnson Signature

Lot 25: Grant LS On Rail Road Stationary And CDV

Lot 26: Ulysses S. Grant Signature

Lot 27: Ulysses S. Grant Naval Appointment

Lot 28: James A. Garfield Signed Photograph

Lot 29: Chester Arthur Executive Mansion Card

Lot 30: Grover Cleveland Signature