One of a Kind Collectibles presents: Rare Autographs, Books and Manuscripts (275 Lots)


One of a Kind Collectibles



Sale Date

15:00 Fri 1st - 20:00 Thu 7th December 2017

Lot 1: George A. Custer 7th Calvary Appointment for Sergeant and Archive

Lot 2: George Washington Autograph Endorsement Signed, Mount Vernon, 24 June 179...

Lot 3: Babe Ruth Single Signed Base Ball

Lot 4: Rare Pope Leo XIII Signed Photo to Mark Twain's Publishing business manag...

Lot 5: Benjamin Franklin Signed Document

Lot 6: Jacob Broom sought-after ALS

Lot 7: Rare "America The Beautiful" Katherine Lee Bates Handwritten first Stanz...

Lot 8: Beatles Signed Album Page

Lot 9: Franklin D. Roosevelt Unique ALS

Lot 10: John Adams Two-page manuscript DS

Lot 11: Andrew Jackson Huge ink signature

Lot 12: Andrew Jackson signed Ships Pass

Lot 13: Martin Van Buren Fine ink signature

Lot 14: William Henry Harrison Autograph Letter Signed in the Third Person.

Lot 15: John Tyler Nice ink signature

Lot 16: James K. Polk Signed document

Lot 17: Millard Filmore ALS

Lot 18: Early James Buchanan signed legal document

Lot 19: Abraham Lincoln signed document

Lot 20: Abraham Lincoln Uncommon Naval Appointment Signed As President

Lot 21: Joseph Cosey forgery of an ALS signed “A. Lincoln"

Lot 22: Andrew Johnson ALS

Lot 23: Ulysses Grant Partly-printed DS as president,

Lot 24: Ulysses S. Grant fine ink signature

Lot 25: Rutherford B. Hayes ALS

Lot 26: James Garfield signed Manuscript

Lot 27: James Garfield manuscript LS

Lot 28: Benjamin Harrison ADS

Lot 29: Autographed Theodore Roosevelt portrait photograph.

Lot 30: Theodore Roosevelt Signed book