Oak Auctions presents: Rare Autograph, Photograph and Manuscript Auction (235 Lots)


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Sale Date

0:00 Fri 7th - 20:00 Thu 13th April 2017

Lot 1: Andrew Carnegie Extremely Rare Signed Steel Bond Archive

Lot 2: Thomas Edison Signed Phonograph Patent

Lot 3: American Bank Note Company, 1863 Stock Certificate, Very Rare!

Lot 4: Benjamin Franklin Signed Document

Lot 5: Original Cease Fire agreement Israel War of Independence

Lot 6: Einstein Writes About Baruch Spinoza and Gives Permission to use his Writ...

Lot 7: Napoleon I

Lot 8: Stanley Kubrick's own annotated proof copy to A Clockwork Orange

Lot 9: Bruce Lee’s personally-owned Chinese-language martial arts instructional...

Lot 10: Extremely Rare George Washington Autograph at Age 18

Lot 11: George Washingtons Hair

Lot 12: James Madison Signed Check as President

Lot 13: James Madison and Monroe Appointment Of Assessor

Lot 14: James Madison Uncommon Pardon

Lot 15: James Monroe

Lot 16: James K. Polk

Lot 17: James Buchanan

Lot 18: Abraham Lincoln- Releases Confederate Prisoners

Lot 19: Rare Abraham Lincoln Photo By Brady Gallery

Lot 20: Abraham Lincoln By Hessler

Lot 21: U.S. Grant Military (Artillery) Appointment

Lot 22: James Garfield ALS

Lot 23: Grover Cleveland Executive Mansion Card

Lot 24: Grover Cleveland Appointment

Lot 25: Incredible AQS from Benjamin Harrison

Lot 26: William Mckinley TLS (About the Ohio Republicans)

Lot 27: Program honoring Prof. Joseph Henry, LL.D. Scientist (Chief Discoveries...

Lot 28: Theodore Roosevelt ALS

Lot 29: Theodore Roosevelt

Lot 30: William H. Taft