Oak Auctions presents: Rare Autograph and Manuscript Auction (214 Lots)


Oak Auctions


4000 Ponce DeLeon Blvd. Suite #470, Coral Gables Fl. 33146

Sale Date

Thu, Nov 19, 2015 8:30 PM

One Of A Kind Collectibles invites you to participate in our Amazing November 19th Auction!. We are proud to offer an Important and Exciting selection of Autographs,& Manuscripts and Sports. Some of the highlights of this auction include an extremely rare, Benjamin Franklin check, one of only two known with anti-counterfeiting paper! A rare copy of The Declaration of Independence done for Force by William H. Stone. A historic John Jay letter, sending by act of Congress, an agent to negotiate

Lot: 1 William J. Stone for Peter Force The Declaration of Independence

Lot: 2 Benjamin Franklin Check

Lot: 3 John Hancock - Scarce Hand Annotated 1762 Autographed Document

Lot: 4 Important John Jay Letter Barbary Pirates(First Muslim Mission by the US)

Lot: 5 1708 Royal Governor Of Boston Asks Queen Anne for Protection from the Ene...

Lot: 6 John Jay personal letter

Lot: 7 Richard Henry Lee letter

Lot: 8 James Logan (Philadelphia) letter in reference to a mortgage

Lot: 9 Andrew Oliver (Stamp Act) rare signature

Lot: 10 Marquis de Lafayette Attractive partly-printed DS, in French, signed "La...

Lot: 11 George Washington Third-person ADS in Washington's hand

Lot: 12 Andrew Jackson signed land grant for Cincinnati Ohio

Lot: 13 William Henry Harrison Manuscript Indian related DS

Lot: 14 Rare John Tyler Signed Indian Land Grant

Lot: 15 John Tyler-Ships Papers

Lot: 16 Zachary Taylor scarce ALS signed "Z. Taylor, Lt. Col 1st Regiment U.S.In...

Lot: 17 Abraham Lincoln (Assassination Blood Relic)

Lot: 18 U. S. Grant Naval Appointment Partly-printed DS as president March 26, 1...

Lot: 19 U. S. Grant Naval Appointment Partly-printed DS as president January 17,...

Lot: 20 U. S. Grant Partly-printed DS as president one page, September 25, 1869.

Lot: 21 U.S. Grant Military (Artillery) Appointment Partly-printed vellum DS

Lot: 22 Rutherford B. Hayes Signature as R B Hayes on card.

Lot: 23 Chester Aurthur signed Engraved portrait of the exterior of the White Ho...

Lot: 24 Benjamin Harrison Unique signature as President 9/20/1889

Lot: 25 William McKinley signed Executive Mansion card

Lot: 26 William McKinley Jr. DS partially printed Member's Pass

Lot: 27 President Roosevelt ALS 1916

Lot: 28 William Howard Taft Autographed and Signed Engraving

Lot: 29 William Howard Taft TLS March 29, 1904

Lot: 30 Woodrow Wilson TLS as President