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Acker Merrall and Condit auction achieves strong sales

Original Star Wars R2-D2 blueprint up for auction

Limited Back to the Future II 'Pepsi Perfect' bottles are coming

Leonardo DiCaprio gala raises $40m for charity

Replica Alice in Wonderland doorknob

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Bryan Cranston's Walter White jacket to auction

Spaceballs Dark Helmet prop on ebay

Excellent collection of James Bond-related material

Back to the Future Photo prop reproduction

Iconic signed Terry Gilliam Monty Python foot sold

restoring old props movie memorabilia collection critter

30th anniversary of the 1st Gremlins film

worlds largest collection Star Wars memorabilia

Full scale replica Dalek doctor who whovian

Zoltar Machine BIG Tom Hanks Classic 80s

Pin ball machine Jurassic Park Lost World dinosaur

Spare Vegtable Gremlin set

Mogwai Concept Puppet original prod. Gremlins 2

Ghostbusters Proton Pack handmade costume prop

Waynes Worlds Suck Kut device

Gremlins 2 Hero George puppet movie memorabilia

article on the The 10 most evocative objects in film

Rare vintage poster auction at Christies

Marilyn Monroe’s Dress

PFC Auctions charlie chaplin signed phot

I Dream of Jeannie cartoon

I dream of Jeannie bottle toy

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