RR Auction presents: Pop Culture Auction featuring Woodstock: August 2019 (542 Lots)


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Sale Date

9:00 Thu 8th - 19:00 Thu 15th August 2019

Lot 9001: Joan Baez Signed Album

Lot 9002: The Band 1971 Munich Concert Material

Lot 9004: Canned Heat 1970 Munich Concert Material

Lot 9005: Crosby, Stills, and Nash Signed Album

Lot 9006: Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Fillmore East Program

Lot 9007: Jerry Garcia Signed Check

Lot 9008: Grateful Dead Handbill and Pelon

Lot 9009: Grateful Dead Signed 1989 Tour Pelon

Lot 9010: Grateful Dead Signed Album

Lot 9011: Richie Havens 1972 Munich Concert Material

Lot 9012: Richie Havens Signed Woodstock Ticket

Lot 9013: Jimi Hendrix 1969 Document Signed

Lot 9014: Jimi Hendrix 1970 Atlanta Music Festival Poster

Lot 9015: Jimi Hendrix Experience Acetate

Lot 9016: Jimi Hendrix Signature

Lot 9017: Jimi Hendrix's Ming Dynasty Chinese Buddha

Lot 9018: Jimi Hendrix 1968 Signature

Lot 9019: Jimi` Hendrix Signed 45 RPM Record Sleeve

Lot 9020: Woodstock: Jefferson Airplane and Joe Cocker Fillmore East Program

Lot 9021: Jefferson Airplane Signed Guitar

Lot 9022: Janis Joplin Oversized 1969 Francesco Scavullo Photograph

Lot 9023: Janis Joplin Signed 1967 Campus Magazine

Lot 9024: Woodstock: John Mayall Fillmore East Program

Lot 9025: Santana 1971 Munich Concert Material

Lot 9026: Ravi Shankar 1971 Munich Concert Material

Lot 9027: Grace Slick Handwritten Lyrics

Lot 9028: Ten Years After Souvenir Set List

Lot 9029: The Who Six Nights of 'Tommy' Fillmore East Program

Lot 9030: The Who 1966 Torquay Concert Ticket

Lot 9031: The Who 1971 US Tour Program