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12:00 Thu 16th - 18:00 Thu 23rd June 2016

Lot 8509: Tom Wolfe Signed Book

Lot 8019: John and Robert Kennedy Signed Document

Lot 8020: John F. Kennedy Typed Letter Signed

Lot 8021: John F. Kennedy Handwritten Letter to Mary Pinchot Meyer

Lot 8022: Jacqueline Kennedy Autograph Note Signed

Lot 8023: Jacqueline Kennedy Oversized Signed Photograph

Lot 8024: Jacqueline Kennedy Typed Letter With Handwritten Note

Lot 8025: John F. Kennedy Presidential Inauguration Parking Sign

Lot 8026: John F. Kennedy’s Rocking Chair

Lot 8027: John F. Kennedy Presidential-Era Flags

Lot 8028: Kennedy White House Matches

Lot 8029: Kennedy White House Set of Three Oversized Christmas Cards

Lot 8030: Kennedy White House Set of Three Schedule Pages

Lot 8032: Kennedy Era White House Chair

Lot 8018: John F. Kennedy Signed Document

Lot 8016: Kennedy 1960 Democratic National Convention Ticket

Lot 8014: John F. Kennedy Campaign Photograph

Lot 8002: Rose, Kick, and Rosemary Kennedy Press Photograph

Lot 8003: Why England Slept Book

Lot 8004: Inga Arvad Letter to John F. Kennedy

Lot 8005: John F. Kennedy DAR Marriage Record

Lot 8006: Jacqueline Kennedy Auchincloss Family Christmas Card

Lot 8007: Kennedy 1952 Congressman Campaign Tea Invitation

Lot 8008: John F. Kennedy Congressional Calling Card

Lot 8009: John and Jacqueline Kennedy 1958 Photograph

Lot 8010: John F. Kennedy Signed Napkin

Lot 8011: John F. Kennedy Handwritten Notes

Lot 8012: John F. Kennedy Signed Check

Lot 8013: John F. Kennedy ‘Secret File’ Senate Extortion Letter and Candids

Lot 8015: John F. Kennedy Oversized Signed Photograph