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Apollo 11 Final Flight Plan (signed by Aldrin)

Apollo 11 beta-cloth emblem patch (flown and crew signed)

Beta-cloth checklist pocket

Apollo 13 Robbins Medal (flown)

Vostok 1-6 KNIGA covers complete set

Apollo 11 flown kapton foil (medium size)

Apollo Personal Preference Kit bags (flown)

Apollo 11 flown 4x6-inch USA flag mounted on crew-signed certificate

Mercury 7 (NASA Group One) autograph photo

Apollo 11 Robbins Medal (flown)

Apollo 15 LRV License Plates

Apollo 11 crew signed photo (excellent condition)

Apollo 11 insurance covers (Type III - MSCSC) fully signed

Apollo 15 Robbins Medal (flown)

Moonwalkers signed photos complete set of 12

Neil Armstrong signed photo (excellent condition)

Apollo 13 flown systems data book (signed by crew member)

Yuri Gagarin autograph photo

Apollo flown ballpoint pen (Lunar module flown)