Pook & Pook, Inc. presents: Online Only Toy Auction (681 Lots)


Pook & Pook, Inc.



Sale Date

Mon, June 17th 2019, 9:00 - 22:00

Lot 1001: Indianapolis style friction race car

Lot 1002: Arcade cast iron Yellow Cab Co. taxi

Lot 1003: Slush metal figural milk bottle truck

Lot 1004: Two small cast iron Hubley cars

Lot 1005: Marx pressed steel car carrier with four cars

Lot 1006: Dayton pressed steel friction delivery truck

Lot 1007: Dayton pressed steel friction coupe

Lot 1008: Kingsbury pressed steel wind-up coupe

Lot 1009: Kingsbury pressed steel wind-up cabriole coupe

Lot 1010: Wyandotte pressed steel ambulance

Lot 1011: Kingsbury pressed steel wind-up roadster

Lot 1012: Dayton pressed steel friction coupe

Lot 1013: Neff Moon pressed steel friction sedan

Lot 1014: Neff Moon pressed steel friction limousine

Lot 1015: Schieble pressed steel sedan

Lot 1016: Schieble pressed steel coupe

Lot 1017: Dayton painted tin touring car

Lot 1018: Painted tin touring car

Lot 1019: German tin lithograph wind-up sedan

Lot 1020: Chein Hercules tin roadster

Lot 1021: Steelcraft Play Boy Trucking Co. wrecker

Lot 1022: Keystone pressed steel Air Mail NX-265 airplane

Lot 1023: Buddy L pressed steel Transport Plane

Lot 1024: Marx American Airlines NC-2100 airplane

Lot 1025: Painted balsa wood seaplane

Lot 1026: Liberty Playthings wood and tin wind-up river boa

Lot 1027: Arcade cast iron Yellow Cab Co. taxi bank

Lot 1028: Reproduction cast iron Hubley coupe

Lot 1029: Hubley cast iron streamline racer

Lot 1030: Arcade cast iron wrecker