Pook & Pook, Inc. presents: Online Only Toy Auction (630 Lots)


Pook & Pook, Inc.



Sale Date

Sat, February 9th 2019, 9:00 - 23:00

Lot 1001: Two tin lithograph bicycle balance toys

Lot 1002: Lehmann tin lithograph wind-up horseless carriage

Lot 1003: Three tin wind-ups

Lot 1004: Ohlsson & Rice tether car, etc.

Lot 1005: Painted pine wagon

Lot 1006: Folk art painted pine barn

Lot 1007: Paper litho soldiers and cannon

Lot 1008: Collection of eleven Dinky race cars, etc.

Lot 1009: Six Wizard of Oz stained glass panels

Lot 1010: Table Croquet

Lot 1011: Artists' pastels in wooden box

Lot 1012: Two composition Effanbee Anne Shirley dolls, etc.

Lot 1013: Marx tin lithograph wind-up motorcycle delivery

Lot 1014: Reproduction cast iron Harley Davidson motorcycle

Lot 1015: Hubley cast iron motorcycle

Lot 1016: Wind-up trapeze bear

Lot 1017: Large collection of marbles

Lot 1018: Crandall's Acrobats, etc.

Lot 1019: Collection of ten cap guns

Lot 1020: Collection of nine cap guns

Lot 1021: Collection of ten cap guns

Lot 1022: Japanese tin battery operated power boat

Lot 1023: Painted wood pond boat

Lot 1024: Doll chair

Lot 1025: Collection of eight tin litho sand pails, etc.

Lot 1026: Pink Kugel glass Christmas ornament

Lot 1027: Three Japanese child's porcelain tea sets

Lot 1028: Child's Singer sewing machine, etc.

Lot 1029: Group of holiday items

Lot 1030: Five boxed sets of Strombecker dollhouse furnitur