Pook & Pook, Inc. presents: Online Only Coins & Jewelry Sale (741 Lots)


Pook & Pook, Inc.



Sale Date

Wed, May 23rd 2018, 9:00 - 23:59

Lot 1001: U.S. 5-dollar standing Liberty gold coin

Lot 1002: Three Morgan silver dollars

Lot 1003: Four Peace silver dollars

Lot 1004: U.S. coins, to include seven Morgan silver dollars

Lot 1005: Three Peace silver dollars

Lot 1006: 1923 Peace silver dollar

Lot 1007: U.S. coin sets

Lot 1008: Collection of early U.S. coins

Lot 1009: Twenty-one pre-1964 U.S. half dollars

Lot 1010: U.S. pre-1964 silver coins

Lot 1011: Miscellaneous coins and currency

Lot 1012: Five 1 oz fine silver coins

Lot 1013: Seven 1 oz pure silver ingots

Lot 1014: Large group of U.S. blue seal paper currency

Lot 1015: U.S. paper currency

Lot 1016: 1945 Dos Pesos gold coin

Lot 1017: Foreign coins and currency

Lot 1018: U.S. 1894 ten dollar Liberty head gold coin

Lot 1019: U.S. 1924 St. Gaudens twenty dollar gold coin

Lot 1020: U.S. 1897 five dollar Liberty head gold coin

Lot 1021: Three Peace silver dollars

Lot 1022: Three George Washington commemorative half dollars

Lot 1023: U.S. coins

Lot 1024: U.S. series of 1899 five dollar silver certificate

Lot 1025: U.S. paper currency

Lot 1026: Louisiana bank notes

Lot 1027: Two Bank of Washtenaw 1854 notes

Lot 1028: Paper notes and currency

Lot 1029: Eight Virginia Confederate notes

Lot 1030: Four Georgia Confederate notes