Pook & Pook presents: Online Only Americana Auction October 2015 (500 Lots)


Pook & Pook



Sale Date

Mon, Oct 5, 2015 9:00 AM

Lot 1001: Gaudy Dutch porcelain single-rose sugar bowl

Lot 1002: Gaudy Dutch porcelain single-rose cup and saucer

Lot 1003: Three pearlware strawberry plates

Lot 1004: Five Queen's Rose pearlware plates

Lot 1005: Leeds blue feather edge plate with an eagle

Lot 1006: Leeds pearlware cup and saucer

Lot 1007: Blue and green spatterware plate

Lot 1008: Sarreguemines spatterware plate with rooster

Lot 1009: Blue spatterware tulip plate

Lot 1010: Two red spatterware peafowl cups and saucers

Lot 1011: Eleven pieces of Gaudy ironstone porcelain

Lot 1012: Nine pieces of spatterware porcelain

Lot 1013: Adam's Rose porcelain bowl and plate

Lot 1014: Staffordshire transferware mug

Lot 1015: Purple and blue rainbow spatterware teapot

Lot 1016: King's Rose pearlware teapot

Lot 1017: Three porcelain toddy plates

Lot 1018: Twelve Adam's rose porcelain plates

Lot 1019: Five Adam's Rose porcelain plates

Lot 1020: Thirteen Adam's Rose porcelain shallow bowls

Lot 1021: Approximately 150 pieces of late Adam's Rose porcelain

Lot 1022: R. R. Stahl redware cream pitcher

Lot 1023: Pennsylvania slip decorated redware plate

Lot 1024: Pennsylvania slip decorated redware shallow bowl

Lot 1025: John Bell, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania redware crock

Lot 1026: Newark, New Jersey four-gallon stoneware script jug

Lot 1027: German stoneware vinegar jug

Lot 1028: New York stoneware jug

Lot 1029: Pennsylvania stoneware crock

Lot 1030: New Jersey two-gallon stoneware crock