One of a Kind Collectibles presents: November 2018 Auction (228 Lots)


One of a Kind Collectibles



Sale Date

10:00 Thu 25th October - 20:00 Thu 15th November 2018

Lot 1: Original 19th Amendment "Proposing an amendment to the Constitution exten...

Lot 2: One Of A Kind 32"x24" Signed Image of Alexander Graham Bell

Lot 3: President William Henry Harrison signature

Lot 4: Act Of The Second Congress Relating To Trade with Indians Issued by Georg...

Lot 5: Thomas Edison Original Patent related to dynamos for electrical lamps

Lot 6: Important Appointment for Secretary of War-(Cabinet Position) by Franklin...

Lot 7: Important 1681 William Penn Land Grant to His friend Robert Turner

Lot 8: Abraham Lincoln: A Fine Example of the Iconic George Clark Ambrotype

Lot 9: Ferdinand and Isabella signed letter

Lot 10: Abraham Lincoln Naval Commission For Important Commander

Lot 11: Babe Ruth Single Signed Base Ball

Lot 12: Hector Berlioz RARE AMQS


Lot 14: Rare William Butler Yeats Signed The Wild Swans at Coole

Lot 15: Rare Honre De Balzac Handwritten and signed letter bound in book

Lot 16: Buster Crabb Olympic Ring

Lot 17: 1920 Antwerp Summer Olympics Bronze Medal

Lot 18: Original Frank Lloyd Wright Signed Blueprint

Lot 19: Rare Five Oviraptor Dinosaur Eggs NEST

Lot 20: McKenney & Hall, "History of the Indian Tribes of North America", 1865,...

Lot 21: James Monroe signed document

Lot 22: Andrew Jackson Signed land Grant

Lot 23: Zachary Taylor letter signed as President Talking About Henry Clay

Lot 24: Millard Fillmore presidential signature

Lot 25: Franklin Pierce signature

Lot 26: James Buchanan ALS Protecting American interest in Dominican Republic

Lot 27: Rutherford B. Hayes signature

Lot 28: James Garfield handwritten signed letter

Lot 29: James Garfield signed letter

Lot 30: Chester Arthur Signature as President