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Meissen porcelain figure of a Marley horse with attendant

Pair of Magpie figurines by Meissen circa 1740

A large Meissen figure of a Macau parrot heading to auction

Fine 19th century Meissen porcelain figure of an archer

Large antique Meissen figurine model 19th Century

Meissen figurines parrot 1953 sold at auction

Meissen figure of a salmon crested Cockatoo

Five Meissen figure of musicians 20th century

Meissen Porcelain Monkey Band Figurines

Meissen figurines pugs 19th century dogs breed

Very fine Meissen porcelain figurine of Bathsheba

JJ Kandler Meissen figurine of Jay bird black squirrel

Seven Meissen figurines Cries of Paris sold

collection nine Meissen Monkey band figures

Meissen figural groups porcelain auction

Antique Meissen figures gardeners

Meissen figurine Bolognese dog sold

Large meissen figurine of a parrot

Meissen figurine Tritons bonhams

Meissen Figurine of Racegoer and companion 19th Century

Meissen figurine of Mopsorden lady 1745 Pug Dog Masonic order