RR Auction presents: Marvels of Modern Music November 2018 (666 Lots)


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Sale Date

9:00 Thu 8th - 19:00 Thu 15th November 2018

Lot 5001: Beatles 'A Hard Day's Night' Oversized Production Photograph

Lot 5002: Beatles 'Bravo-Beatles-Blitztournee' Press Pass

Lot 5003: Beatles 1961 Swinging Lunchtime Sessions Handbill

Lot 5004: Beatles 1964 Ed Sullivan Show Signatures

Lot 5005: Beatles 1964 Paris Olympia Program

Lot 5006: Beatles 1966 Bravo Blitztournee Poster

Lot 5007: Beatles and Helen Shapiro 1963 Program

Lot 5008: Beatles Collection of (6) 1964 Trading Card Sets

Lot 5009: Beatles Help! Poster

Lot 5010: Beatles Help! Program

Lot 5011: Beatles Signatures

Lot 5012: Beatles Signatures

Lot 5013: Beatles Signed 'Twist and Shout' / 'Boys' Swedish 45 RPM Record

Lot 5014: Beatles Signed 1963 Royal Command Backstage Pass

Lot 5015: Beatles Signed Card

Lot 5016: Beatles Signed Album

Lot 5017: Beatles Signed Gloves

Lot 5018: Beatles Signed Photograph

Lot 5019: Beatles Signed Please Please Me Album

Lot 5020: Beatles Signed Poster

Lot 5021: Beatles Signed Promo Card and Pete Best Signed Drumhead

Lot 5022: Beatles Signed White Album Photographs

Lot 5023: Beatles Star-Club Drink Menu

Lot 5024: Brian Epstein 1967 Bereavement Card

Lot 5025: Brian Epstein Business Card

Lot 5026: George Harrison and Ravi Shankar Signed Advertisement

Lot 5027: George Harrison and Steve Price Signed Photograph

Lot 5028: George Harrison Autograph Letter Signed and Annotated Cassette Tape

Lot 5029: George Harrison Signed Photograph

Lot 5030: John Lennon 'A Hard Day's Night' Oversized Production Photograph