RR Auction presents: Marvels Of Modern Music 494 (503 Lots)


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Sale Date

9:00 Thu 9th - 18:00 Thu 16th February 2017

Lot 7001: Beatles Signed Photograph

Lot 7002: Beatles Signed Photograph

Lot 7003: Beatles Signed 1963 PYX Program

Lot 7004: Beatles Signed Document: Lennon, Harrison, Starr

Lot 7005: Beatles 1964 ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ Multi-Signed Premiere Ticket

Lot 7006: Beatles Signed 1967 Postcard

Lot 7007: Beatles and Brian Epstein Signatures in Autograph Album

Lot 7008: Stuart Sutcliffe Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 7009: Paul McCartney Signed Album

Lot 7010: Paul McCartney Signed Album

Lot 7011: Paul McCartney Signed Album

Lot 7012: Paul McCartney Typed Letter Signed

Lot 7013: Paul McCartney Handwritten Letter on Postcard

Lot 7014: Paul McCartney Signed Photograph

Lot 7015: Paul McCartney and George Martin Signed ‘Yesterday’ Lithograph

Lot 7016: Paul McCartney Signed Baseball

Lot 7017: Paul McCartney Signed Book

Lot 7018: Paul McCartney Signed CD Booklet

Lot 7020: John Lennon Signed 1967 Receipt

Lot 7021: John Lennon and Neil Aspinall Signed 1968 ‘Blackbird’ Contract

Lot 7022: John Lennon Twice-Signed Sheet

Lot 7023: John Lennon Handwritten List

Lot 7024: John Lennon Signed Album With Sketch

Lot 7025: John Lennon and Yoko Ono Signed Grapefruit Book

Lot 7026: George Harrison Twice-Signed Handwritten Letter on Fan Club Photograph

Lot 7027: George Harrison Signed Check

Lot 7028: George Harrison ‘Live in Japan’ Signed Book

Lot 7029: George Harrison Signed Racing Program

Lot 7030: Ringo Starr Typed Letter Signed

Lot 7031: Ringo Starr Signed Check