Rago Arts presents: Jewelry Auction December 2015 (516 Lots)


Rago Arts


333 North Main Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530

Sale Date

Sun, Dec 6, 2015 11:00 AM

Lot 1000: Andre Kauffer Diamond Thistle Corsage Ornament

Lot 1001: French Art Nouveau Carved Horn Jewelry

Lot 1002: French Japanesque Gold Cicada Brooch

Lot 1003: Rene Lalique "Ombelles" Horn And Diamond Hair Comb

Lot 1004: Giuliano Enameled 18K Gold Ivy Vine Tiara

Lot 1005: Giuliano Japanesque Waterfowl Brooch

Lot 1006: Three French Art Nouveau Combs:Vever, Gaillard, Et

Lot 1007: Art Nouveau Enamel Gold Diamond Brooch After Mucha

Lot 1008: Art Nouveau "Wisteria" Opal & Diamond Panel Brooch

Lot 1009: Art Nouveau Plique-A-Jour Pressed Glass Gold Jewel

Lot 1010: Art Nouveau Plique-A-Jour Morning Glory Necklace

Lot 1011: Art Nouveau Plique-A-Jour Jeweled Gold Dragonfly

Lot 1012: Plique-A-Jour Wisteria Brooch, Attrib. Vever

Lot 1013: Rene Lalique Pinned Dragonfly Woman Gold Cane Hand

Lot 1014: Edward Colonna Enameled Gold Art Nouveau Pendant

Lot 1015: Art Nouveau Opal & Diamond Gold Index Finger Ring

Lot 1016: Marcus & Co. Art Nouveau Enameled Gold Lapel Watch

Lot 1017: Marcus Art Nouveau Jeweled Enameled Gold Brooch

Lot 1018: Marcus Plique-A-Jour & Jeweled Gold Pendant,Brooch

Lot 1019: Arts & Crafts Tourmaline & Pearl 18K Gold Necklace

Lot 1020: Art Nouveau 18K Gold Pearl Mistletoe Necklace

Lot 1021: Early 20Th C. Gem-Set Or Enameled Gold Jewelry

Lot 1022: Louis Comfort Tiffany Gem-Set Enameled Gold Brooch

Lot 1023: Louis Comfort Tiffany Aquamarine And Pearl Platinu

Lot 1024: Louis Comfort Tiffany Moonstone Sapphire Brooch

Lot 1025: Louis Comfort Tiffany Enameled Gold Pendant Brooch

Lot 1026: Two Yellow Gold Japanesque Bracelets

Lot 1027: Tiffany & Co. Gold, Platinum Japanesque Chatelaine

Lot 1028: Piel Frere Enameled Peacock Feather Belt Buckle

Lot 1029: A.J. Hedges Mixed Metal Japanesque Gold Bracelet