Pook & Pook, Inc. presents: Firearms, Militaria & Sporting Sale (479 Lots)


Pook & Pook, Inc.


Downington, Pennsylvania

Sale Date

Sat, April 13th 2019, 9:00 - 23:00

Lot 1: US marked flintlock fowler

Lot 2: Pennsylvania percussion rifle

Lot 3: George Spangler half stock percussion rifle

Lot 4: Half stock percussion rifle

Lot 5: Half stock percussion rifle

Lot 6: Pennsylvania half stock percussion long rifle

Lot 7: Unmarked Derringer type percussion pistol

Lot 8: Pair of British flintlock pistols

Lot 9: German percussion pistol

Lot 10: French flintlock blunderbuss

Lot 11: Contemporary Pennsylvania percussion long rifle

Lot 12: Contemporary flintlock full stock long rifle

Lot 13: Contemporary carved Pennsylvania flintlock rifle

Lot 14: Colt Derringer pocket pistol

Lot 15: James Reid My Friend knuckle duster revolver

Lot 16: Chicago Firearms Co. The Protector palm pistol

Lot 17: Single shot boot pistol

Lot 18: Remington over and under Derringer pistol

Lot 19: Brown Southerner single shot Derringer pistol

Lot 20: Frank Wesson over under muff pistol

Lot 21: Brass frame muff pistol

Lot 22: Sharps model four Bulldog pepperbox pistol

Lot 23: Sprague & Marston pepperbox pistol

Lot 24: Sharps model 1 pepperbox pistol

Lot 25: Remington model 1861 Navy revolver

Lot 26: Colt model 1849 pocket revolver

Lot 27: Colt model 1849 pocket revolver

Lot 28: Colt model 1851 Navy single action revolver

Lot 29: Colt model 1860 single action Army revolver

Lot 30: Sharps model 1874"Old Reliable" rifle