RR Auction presents: Fine Autographs & Artifacts featuring John F. Kennedy (749 Lots)


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Sale Date

9:00 Fri 19th April - 19:00 Wed 8th May 2019

Lot 1: John F. Kennedy Original Artwork by Aaron Shikler

Lot 2: John F. Kennedy Signed First Day Cover

Lot 3: John F. Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, and Eleanor Roosevelt Signed Seating Li...

Lot 4: Jacqueline Kennedy's Personally-Owned and -Worn Maternity Dress

Lot 5: John F. Kennedy 1957 Speech Draft

Lot 6: John F. Kennedy Personally-Gifted Scapular

Lot 7: John F. Kennedy, Jr. Baby Book

Lot 8: John F. Kennedy, Jr. French Cruciform Medal

Lot 9: John F. Kennedy, Jr. Irish Horn Rosary

Lot 10: John F. Kennedy, Jr. Misericordia Medal

Lot 11: John F. Kennedy, Jr. Virgin Misericordia Medal

Lot 12: PT-109 Letter by W. F. Liebenow

Lot 13: John F. Kennedy 1962 Madison Square Garden Birthday Program

Lot 14: John F. Kennedy 1962 Madison Square Garden Birthday Ticket

Lot 15: Jacqueline Kennedy 1962 Original Photograph at Gandhi Memorial by Cecil...

Lot 16: John F. Kennedy and Family 1963 Trip to Atoka Photo Album by Cecil Stoug...

Lot 17: Kennedy Family Coffee Mug

Lot 18: Jacqueline Kennedy Autograph Letter Signed to Robert McNamara

Lot 19: Kennedy Family Home-Owned Set of (2) Porcelain China Pieces

Lot 20: Kennedy Family Mini Creamer

Lot 21: John F. Kennedy Hand-Edited Letter

Lot 22: John F. Kennedy Inauguration 21-Gun Salute Mortar Shell Casing

Lot 23: John F. Kennedy Negative and Photograph Collection

Lot 24: John F. Kennedy Signed Book

Lot 25: John F. Kennedy Signed Merit Award

Lot 26: John F. Kennedy Signed Photograph

Lot 27: Jacqueline Kennedy Valentine Collage

Lot 28: John F. Kennedy White House VIP Gift Soap Set of (3) Large Bars

Lot 29: John F. Kennedy White House VIP Gift Soap Set of (3) Small Bars

Lot 30: John F. Kennedy's Birthday: Maria Callas Original Photograph