RR Auction presents: Fine Autographs & Artifacts April 2019 (878 Lots)


RR Auction



Sale Date

9:00 Fri 15th March - 19:00 Wed 10th April 2019

Lot 1: George Washington Signature

Lot 2: Thomas Jefferson and James Madison signed document

Lot 3: Thomas Jefferson handwritten signed letter

Lot 4: James Madison signed document

Lot 5: James Monroe Signature

Lot 6: John Tyler Signature

Lot 7: James K. Polk Free Frank

Lot 8: Abraham Lincoln signed document

Lot 9: Abraham Lincoln Signature

Lot 10: U. S. Grant signed document

Lot 11: U. S. Grant Signature

Lot 12: U. S. Grant and O. O. Howard Signatures

Lot 13: James and Lucretia Garfield handwritten signed letter

Lot 14: Chester A. Arthur WH card

Lot 15: Theodore Roosevelt Handwritten Manuscript in Book

Lot 16: Theodore Roosevelt Check

Lot 17: Theodore Roosevelt WH card

Lot 18: Theodore Roosevelt signed document

Lot 19: Theodore Roosevelt Signature

Lot 20: Theodore Roosevelt typed signed letter

Lot 21: Theodore Roosevelt typed signed letter

Lot 22: Calvin Coolidge Signed photo

Lot 23: Franklin D. Roosevelt Signed Photo

Lot 24: Dwight D. Eisenhower Souvenir Order

Lot 25: Dwight D. Eisenhower typed signed letter

Lot 26: Dwight D. Eisenhower handwritten signed letter

Lot 27: John F. Kennedy Rocking Chair

Lot 28: John F. Kennedy Sketch

Lot 29: John F. Kennedy Tie Clasp

Lot 30: John F. Kennedy first day cover