RR Auction presents: Fine Autographs & Artifacts (863 Lots)


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Sale Date

15:47 Mon 18th December 2017 - 19:00 Wed 10th January 2018

Lot 1: Queen Isabella Signed Letter

Lot 2: Ferdinand and Isabella Signed Letter

Lot 3: Francis I Signed Letter

Lot 4: Queen Elizabeth I Signed Letter

Lot 5: King Charles V Signed Document

Lot 6: King Henry IV Signed Handwritten Letter

Lot 7: Mary, Queen of Scots Signed Document

Lot 8: King Philip IV of Spain Signed Document

Lot 9: King James I Signed Letter

Lot 10: Marie de Medici Signed Document

Lot 11: King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden Signed Document

Lot 12: King Louis XIV Signed Handwritten Letter

Lot 13: King Charles VI Signed Document

Lot 14: King George I Signed Letter

Lot 15: Frederick the Great Signed Document

Lot 16: Frederick the Great Signed Document

Lot 17: King Louis XV Handwritten Letter

Lot 18: Catherine the Great Signed Document

Lot 19: Catherine the Great Signed Document

Lot 20: King George III Handwritten Letter

Lot 21: King Charles XIII Signed Document

Lot 22: King Louis Philippe Signed Handwritten Letter

Lot 23: Queen Victoria Signature

Lot 24: Queen Victoria Signed Handwritten Letter

Lot 25: Alexander II Signed Document

Lot 26: King George V Signed Photo

Lot 27: Queen Victoria Book

Lot 28: Queen Victoria Signed Photo

Lot 29: Queen Victoria Book

Lot 30: Queen Victoria Signed Photo