RR Auction presents: Fine Autographs And Artifacts 493 (767 Lots)


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Sale Date

9:00 Fri 20th January - 18:00 Wed 8th February 2017

Lot 1: George Washington ALS as president signed "G. Washington "

Lot 2: John and Abigail Adams Manuscript DS

Lot 3: John Adams Remarkable ALS

Lot 4: John Adams Exceptional free franked address panel

Lot 5: Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Partly-printed DS

Lot 7: Andrew Jackson ALS

Lot 8: Andrew Jackson LS as president

Lot 9: John Tyler ALS signed "J. Tyler "

Lot 10: James K. Polk Signed book - Register of Debates in Congress

Lot 11: Zachary Taylor Ink signature

Lot 12: Franklin Pierce ALS

Lot 13: James Buchanan Signed book - Report of Cases Ruled and Adjudged in the S...

Lot 14: Abraham Lincoln Partly-printed vellum DS as president

Lot 15: Abraham Lincoln Desirable Civil War–dated autograph endorsement as presi...

Lot 16: Abraham Lincoln Civil War-dated partly-printed DS as president

Lot 17: Andrew Johnson ALS

Lot 18: Andrew Johnson Partly-printed DS as president

Lot 19: Andrew Johnson Partly-printed DS as president

Lot 20: U. S. Grant Ink signature

Lot 21: James A. Garfield Signed book - The Works of Charles Lamb. NY

Lot 22: James A. Garfield Sought-after ink signature as president

Lot 23: James A. Garfield Spectacular ALS

Lot 24: William McKinley Handsome 5.5 x 8 cabinet-style composite photo of Willi...

Lot 25: William McKinley Rare oversized matte-finish 12.5 x 15 pre-presidential...

Lot 26: Theodore Roosevelt Vintage matte-finish 3.75 x 5.5 half-length portrait...

Lot 27: Theodore Roosevelt Signed book - The Rough Riders. First edition. NY

Lot 28: Theodore Roosevelt Signed book - Theodore Roosevelt

Lot 29: Theodore Roosevelt ALS in pencil

Lot 30: Theodore Roosevelt Partly-printed vellum DS as president

Lot 31: William H. Taft Signed book - Inaugural Address of President Taft. Washi...