RR Auction presents: Fine Autographs And Artifacts 487 (862 Lots)


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Sale Date

12:00 Fri 21st October - 18:00 Wed 9th November 2016

Lot 1: John F. Kennedy ‘Secret File’ Senate Extortion Letter and Candids

Lot 2: Inga Arvad Letter to John F. Kennedy

Lot 3: John F. Kennedy DAR Marriage Record

Lot 4: Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Signed Choate Photo Scrapbook

Lot 5: John F. Kennedy 1952 Typed Letter Signed

Lot 6: John F. Kennedy 1956 Typed Letter Signed

Lot 7: John F. Kennedy Signed Book

Lot 8: John F. Kennedy Assassination Limousine Seat Leather Swatches

Lot 9: Kennedy Assassination Collection of Texas School Book Depository Original...

Lot 10: John F. Kennedy Assassination Related Film

Lot 11: Bell & Howell Zoomatic Director Series Camera Similar to That Used By Za...

Lot 12: John F. Kennedy Assassination-Related Collection of Slides

Lot 13: John F. Kennedy Dallas Motorcade Photograph

Lot 14: John F. Kennedy Dallas Visit Committee Badge

Lot 15: Kennedy Assassination: Clint Hill Collection of (4) Signed Items

Lot 16: John F. Kennedy Dallas Motorcade Photograph

Lot 17: John F. Kennedy Oversized Limousine Photograph

Lot 18: John F. Kennedy Texas Welcome Dinner Program

Lot 19: John F. Kennedy Dallas Motorcade Original Candid

Lot 20: John F. Kennedy Texas Welcome Dinner Ticket

Lot 21: John F. Kennedy Dallas Motorcade Photograph

Lot 23: John F. Kennedy Fort Worth Oversized Photograph

Lot 24: John F. Kennedy November 21 San Antonio Texas Photograph

Lot 25: John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963 Dallas Morning Newspaper

Lot 26: John and Jacqueline Kennedy Pair of Love Field Photographs

Lot 27: John and Jacqueline Kennedy Photograph

Lot 28: Lee Harvey Oswald Original Mug Shot Photograph

Lot 29: Lee Harvey Oswald Hand Addressed Envelope

Lot 30: Lee Harvey Oswald Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 32: Lee Harvey Oswald Yearbook