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Rare dolls from French bébés to early mignonettes at auction

Exceptional collection of American cloth dolls to auction

Number of fine dolls to auction this September

French bisque head bebe doll

Fine French Jumeau type Bisque Doll to auction this August

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Collectible Nancy Ann Dolls collection original storybook

Antique French Bisque Bebe Jumeau doll auction

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Collection of antique dolls 19th Century French fashion

A rare Simon & Halbig German bisque doll kiss throwing

Extremely Rare French Bisque Bebe Jules Steiner doll

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American dolls Cissy doll by Alexander original

Art Nouveau design blue pretty dolls carriage

Rare early Rabery and Delphieu Bebe bisque doll

Jules Steiner Bebe doll good condition

Collectible bisque Bebe doll Jumeau pull string

array of Lenci felt dolls swivel head painted organdy

Kestner German open mouth bisque doll

Madame Alexander doll Vogue doll

German Simon & Halbig Character Doll

Bebe de Jouet doll mechanical

original tagged Lenci child doll

Jumeau Bisque head doll sleeping eyes

Rare collectible dolls auction China doll

Exceptionally rare French Bisque Soldier Steiner doll

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French Jumeau Bisque head doll Tete Bebe