Pook & Pook, Inc. presents: Decorative Arts April 2016 (843 Lots)


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Sale Date

Mon, April 25th 2016, 9:00 - 12:00

Lot 1001: Blue Staffordshire ''Caledonia'' platter

Lot 1002: Black Staffordshire ''Caledonia'' platter

Lot 1003: Brown Staffordshire ''Nankin'' platter

Lot 1004: Brown Staffordshire ''Damascus'' platter

Lot 1005: Blue Staffordshire teapot

Lot 1006: Brown Staffordshire ''Syrina'' footed bowl

Lot 1007: Light brown Staffordshire Oriental pitcher and basin

Lot 1008: Brown Staffordshire ''Bosphorus'' covered vegetable

Lot 1009: Blue Staffordshire ''Tomb of Shere Shah platter'' 19th c.

Lot 1010: Brown Staffordshire ''Belzoni'' platter

Lot 1011: Blue Staffordshire ''Basket of Flowers'' coffee pot

Lot 1012: Two Blue Staffordshire ''Wadsworth Tower'' covered sugars

Lot 1013: Brown Staffordshire ''Italian Villas'' platter

Lot 1014: Black Staffordshire ''Chinese Fountains'' platter

Lot 1015: Blue Staffordshire ''Basket

Lot 1016: Black Staffordshire landscape platter

Lot 1017: Blue Staffordshire ''Ponte Rotto'' platter

Lot 1018: Royal Staffordshire ''Tonquin'' dinner service

Lot 1019: Brown Staffordshire ''Canova'' covered vegetable

Lot 1020: Blue Staffordshire ''Flowers in Chain Vase'' covered sugar

Lot 1021: Blue Staffordshire ''Tiber'' platter

Lot 1022: Brown Staffordshire ''Italian Buildings'' platter

Lot 1023: Brown Staffordshire ''Residence of the Late Richard Jordan New Jersey'...

Lot 1024: Purple Staffordshire ''Palestine'' platter

Lot 1025: Blue Staffordshire ''Ruins of an Ancient Temple Near Corinth'' platter

Lot 1026: Brown Staffordshire ''Crusader'' platter

Lot 1027: Blue Staffordshire ''Palestine'' pitcher

Lot 1028: Blue Staffordshire Oriental pitcher

Lot 1029: Blue Staffordshire ''Deer and Folly'' platter

Lot 1030: Purple Staffordshire ''Canova'' platter