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Scheurich ceramic vase, German, 20th century

Stoneware Glazed Vase, Tony Gant, London 1970s

Bennington Pie Plate with Rockingham Glaze, America early 19th century

Ceramic Scheurich cylindrical vase, 1970s

Ceramic slab vase of oval section, 1980s

Rockingham Brown Glazed Ceramic Tankard, early 19th century

Studio pottery conical bowl, James Arnold Martin, 1960

Ceramic vase of baluster form with lilac and blue glazes. Upchurch Pottery circ...

Bulb bowl of censer form with a graduated green glaze, Upchurch 1920s

Studio vase, West Germany, circa 1970

Large stoneware ceramic vase, West Germany, 20th century

Large stoneware jug with green splashed glaze, English early 20th century

Large stoneware handbuilt vase of ovoid form, circa 1980. Audrey Richardson, Br...