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More Fun Comics #73 could fetch six-figure sum at Heritage

Amazing Fantasy #15 could set new record at Heritage Auctions

New exhibition to chart New York roots of comic book heroes

World's oldest known bible on display at British Museum

Superman collectibles set to soar at Hake's Americana sale

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum to host Will Eisner exhibition

X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga art leads Heritage comic sale

Comic Books and Sci Fi auction Amazing Fantasy

DC Action Comic book Superman #1

Frank Miller Klaus Janson Batman Dark Knight

Avengers Annual #1 December Holiday Special

\'Constantine\' creators will get no money from new NBC TV series

Alan Moore interview about new \'Fashion Beast\' series

Archie comic \'Clod of Thunder\' mocks Thor

Detective Comics #144 and #198 at heritage auctions

Captain America #115 at Heritage auctions

John Paul Jones comic book at heritage auctions

Batman #29 at Heritage Auctions

Adventure Comics #195 at Heritage Auctions

Philadelphia pre-scholl bans kids from playig superheroes

America\'s Best Comics 19 at heritage auctions

Batman number 8 at heritage auctions

Teen-Age Brides comic books at heritage auctions

Leading Comics at heritage auctions

Batman #27 at heritage auctions

Boy Comics 8 at Heritage Auctions


Captain Marvel Adventures 65 at heritage auctions

Palestine by Joe Sacco

Sensation Comics 80 starring Wonder Woman DC 1948