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Hunan authorities offer $1,500 reward for decoding of ancient Indian coin

Morphy Auctions to offer rare U.S coins for first time in generations

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Rare haul of 1,000 year old coins found by divers

Coin released for Queen Elizabeth's 80th Birthday for sale

Elusive US 1796 $10 gold eagle coin to auction

Eliasberg Finest Known 1906 S $20 Double Eagle coin

30 U.S. pattern coins from the historic Bass Collection

Largest selection Roman coins Judea ancient Egypt

Rare Double Eagle proof coin PGCS proof 64

Numismatics auction set for April

Early Anglo Saxon gold Thrymsa coin rare

Rare William III coins for sale flea market

Collection of Greek Coinage Danube region

Live coin auction George V shilling VF

Amazing Heritage coin auction realizes millions

Ancient Roman Aureus Scarce coin

Canada: Elizabeth II Specimen Dollar 1953 Rare Coin

Beautifully made Mahogany Coin Collectors Cabinet Swann