RR Auction presents: Bonnie and Clyde 503 (132 Lots)


RR Auction



Sale Date

9:00 Thu 15th - 19:00 Sat 24th June 2017

Lot 2001: Doolin–Dalton Gang Document

Lot 2002: Cole Young and Frank James Collection of (10) Nichols Amusement Co. Po...

Lot 2003: James Younger Autograph Note Signed

Lot 2004: Cole Younger Signature

Lot 2005: Alexander McSween Signed Document

Lot 2006: Roy Bean Signed Document

Lot 2007: Bat Masterson Signed Document

Lot 2008: Lawmen Pair of Documents: Dynamite Dick and Zip Wyatt

Lot 2009: Pat Garrett Signed Document

Lot 2010: Buffalo Soldier Muster Roll

Lot 2011: George A. Custer, Fort Berthold Dakota Territory, and Sioux Indian Arc...

Lot 2012: Montana Territory Collection of Documents

Lot 2013: Old West Collection of Warrants and Indictments

Lot 2014: Old West Marshal Collection of Letters

Lot 2015: Sheriff 'Smoot' Schmid's Service Revolver

Lot 2016: Sheriff 'Smoot' Schmid's Gold and Diamond Badge

Lot 2017: Sheriff 'Smoot' Schmid's Boots

Lot 2018: Sheriff 'Smoot' Schmid's Wooden Nightstick

Lot 2019: Sheriff 'Smoot' Schmid's Shriners Fez Hat

Lot 2020: Clyde Barrow Original Vintage Mug Shot Photograph

Lot 2021: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow Pair of Original Arrest Warrants

Lot 2022: Smoot Schmid's Personal 'Bonnie & Clyde' Scrapbook

Lot 2024: Clyde Barrow and W. D. Jones Original Vintage Photograph

Lot 2025: Raymond Hamilton Set of (3) Original Vintage Photographs

Lot 2026: Raymond Hamilton, Roy Thornton, and Sheriff 'Smoot' Schmid Original Vi...

Lot 2027: Raymond Hamilton 1934 Signed Christmas Card Sent to Sheriff 'Smoot' Sc...

Lot 2028: Raymond Hamilton 1934 Autograph Letter Signed and Hotel Bill

Lot 2029: Raymond Hamilton's Girlfriends Mary Pitts and Katie Jenkins Pair of Or...

Lot 2030: Raymond Hamilton's Girlfriend Mary Pitts Letter to Him and Original Vi...

Lot 2032: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow Autograph Letter Signed