Nate D. Sanders Auctions presents: August 2018 Auction (148 Lots)


Nate D. Sanders Auctions



Sale Date

9:00 Mon 20th - 17:00 Thu 30th August 2018

Lot 1: Scarce Marie Curie Signed Document From Her ''Institut du Radium'' Labora...

Lot 2: Charles Darwin Autograph Letter Signed With His Full Name, ''Charles R. D...

Lot 3: Emma Darwin, Wife of Charles Darwin, Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 4: Robert Darwin Autograph Letter Signed Regarding Charles Darwin's Financia...

Lot 5: Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 6: Rare Sigmund Freud Autograph Letter Signed on His Jewish Roots & Psychoan...

Lot 7: DNA Scientists Francis Crick and James Watson Signed First Day Cover Hono...

Lot 8: Dwight D. Eisenhower Sketch as President

Lot 9: Dwight Eisenhower WWII 1945 Autograph Letter Signed

Lot 10: Gerald Ford Signed Pardon of Richard Nixon

Lot 11: Warren Harding Large Signed Photo Measuring 9'' x 11.75''

Lot 12: John F. Kennedy Signed ''Profiles in Courage''

Lot 13: Norman Rockwell Signed Lithograph of John F. Kennedy

Lot 14: Garden Planter Owned by JFK and Jackie Kennedy

Lot 15: JFK During the Cuban Missile Crisis

Lot 16: ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' Ticket, Scheduled for John F. Kennedy on 22 Nov...

Lot 17: Invitation to JFK's ''Texas Welcome Dinner'' the Night of His Assassinat...

Lot 18: Texas Welcome Dinner Press Pass From the Night of John F. Kennedy's Assa...

Lot 19: Robert F. Kennedy Signed 8'' x 9.75'' Photo

Lot 20: Abraham Lincoln Document Signed as President, Appointing Henry Wetmore U...

Lot 21: Abraham Lincoln Autograph Endorsement Signed as President

Lot 22: Ronald Reagan Signed ''An American Life'' Special Limited Edition

Lot 23: Ronald & Nancy Reagan Personally Owned Russian Box

Lot 24: Nice Lot of White House Christmas Items

Lot 25: Ronald Reagan Signed First Edition of His Autobiography ''An American Li...

Lot 26: Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Signed To His Long-Time Physical Therapist

Lot 27: Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter Signed to His Physical Therapist

Lot 28: Franklin D. Roosevelt Christmas Card, Circa Early 1930s

Lot 29: Franklin D. Roosevelt Telegram Sent on Election Eve in 1928

Lot 30: Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Inauguration Invitation & White House...