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Bronze alloy candlestick, Nuremberg, 17th century

Inlaid mahogany zogroscope, English, circa 1800

Carved and painted decoy ducks, English early 20th

Pair iron fire dogs. French, circa 1800

A brass inkwell in the form of an upright seated bear, French, circa 1860

Nuremberg brass alms dish, circa 1650

Limewood sculpture of St John of Nepomuk. Bohemia, early 17th century

Pair of Gothic Revival brass candlesticks

Pair of leather Chinese cockle picker\'s boots circa 1900

Realistic child\'s toy horse and cart. English, late 19th century

Nuremberg brass alms dish, circa 1650

Italian pair limewood portrait candleholders, Italian, mid 17th century

Brass pricket candlestick, Dutch, circa 1700

Pair of repoussé brass pricket candlesticks, Dutch circa 1800

Bronze strong box circa 1600