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Rare Campbell's soup advertising sign to make $50K at auction

Vintage paper mache 'Mr Peanut' advertising figure

vintage American leaded window advertising Hurley Shoes

illustrated vintage advertising card Bachelors Buttons

Vintage Babycham Advertising Ash Tray rare collectible

Art Deco vintage poster advertising Lys-Chantilly

Vintage Herve Morvan advertising poster for Mutzig

Early advertising poster Peugeot bicycles and motorcycles

Top 10 weird advertisements from the 1890s

Posters advertising products by W. & A. Gilbey Ltd

21 Vintage Cat Advertisements Absinthe black cat poster

antique advertising poster Absinthe Bourgeois French

early 20th-c advertising poster for Pneu Eureka tyres

vintage Achille L Mauzan advertising poster Soda Bilz

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Xanti Schawinsky advertising poster Illy Caffe

Modernist Schawinsky poster Illy Caffe 1934

Popeye advertising sign Stamana overalls

Rare Edwardian advertising poster

mid 20th century coca cola advertising sign

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Spalding bicycle advertising match holder

1960 advert crimplene retro fabric

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Lait Pur De La Vingeanne Sterilise advertising poster

British bicycle advert from 1894 collectible advertisment

1913 New York Giants Baseball Advertisement Supplement.

vintage advertising mirror for Ellis\'s Table Waters