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The Stamp Man

The Stamp Man

2020-06-10 20:20:05

Why I recommend you add gold sovereigns to your portfolio

I hope that you are keeping well. At the time of writing, here in Jersey we have very few confirmed active cases of coronavirus left.

Fingers crossed, my life will return to normal soon. Not so for the ultra-wealthy...

The ultra-wealthy are more concerned about what follows in the so-called “new normal”.

They are more focussed on wealth preservation than wealth creation right now.

They are not just worried about the economic crisis which is unfolding, but also, the impact of government actions during the “recovery”.

Many are looking to gold to provide insurance and to protect against the effects of inflation.

There are lots of different ways to invest in gold... You could invest in a gold exchange-traded fund (ETF). Or buy shares in gold-mining companies. You can even buy gold bars.

The best option though, I think, is to invest in numismatic gold coins. In particular, I think gold sovereigns present some unique benefits to investors...

10 Solid reasons for adding Gold Sovereigns to a diversified investment portfolio

  1. Their prices show correlation with gold and, as such, provide a prudent defensive investment against financial crisis
  2. Gold sovereigns are not just valuable for their gold content but also for their numismatic value in their appeal to collectors
  3. They are often rare meaning a lack of available supply to satisfy demand drives rising prices
  4. They are a truly diversified investment from the traditional investments of equities, bonds and property
  5. Post-1837 British sovereigns are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) as they remain legal tender
  6. They have a history of price appreciation over the long term and present low volatility
  7. There is no denying their aesthetic value as well as having historical significance
  8. They benefit from having high liquidity and can be traded in most countries in the world
  9. In gold bull markets sovereigns normally increase by more than the actual price of gold
  10. They are portable assets, easy to store safely, with a real and permanent tangible value

Our recommendations for your portfolio

As only 1% of all gold sovereigns ever minted are still in fine condition and demand is currently high, we have just a small selection available to purchase.

You can view the selection we have available in the link below...


For example, take a look at this beauty featuring King George IV from 1822, available for just £3,000...


Brief history of the Gold Sovereign

The word sovereign is derived from the Latin “superānus” and means “supreme leader of a state or institution”.

The very first sovereign coin was struck during Tudor Times in the reign of King Henry VII on October 28th, 1489. This came from his order to the Royal Mint to produce a “new money of gold”.

In 1816, under George III, a new gold coin was minted with the monarch on the front and Saint George slaying a dragon on the reverse (as depicted in the featured coin above). It was designed by one of the most celebrated gem engravers in the world at the time, Benedetto Pistrucci.

Apart from a brief period between 1825 and 1871, Petrucci’s design of Saint George has featured on all sovereigns until 1932 following Great Britain’s departure from the gold standard on September 21st, 1931.

The current version of the British gold sovereign is of bullion value only but, surprisingly, has been in production by the Royal Mint since 1817.

The highest price ever paid for a British coin belongs to the sovereign. A rare 1937 Edward VIII gold sovereign sold earlier this year for £1 million. The coin was one of six prepared by the Royal Mint when Edward became king in 1936 but, as he abdicated in December of that year, the production was cancelled and it never entered circulation.

It is the combination of bullion value and numismatic collectability which make the sovereign one of the world’s most sought after coins.

Seize the moment

As I said earlier, we only have a small selection of gold sovereigns available.

I suggest you contact me today so you don’t miss out.

You can get me either by phone on +44(0)1534 639998 or email me at I can reserve the coin(s) you want immediately if you let me know.

As the title of this blog suggests, you can profit from two investments for the price of one...

You get the best of bullion and numismatic in one investment.

You benefit from the intrinsic security of bullion as a precious metal with additional profit potential from their collectible rarity premium.

I would suggest worldwide events unfolding right now make this is a prime moment to consider an investment like this to protect your wealth.

Kind regards


Anthony Love

PS. During the last financial crisis in 2008, rare collectibles continued to increase in value while other traditional investments suffered. The option to sell your collectibles worldwide also offers the possibility of diversification out of your home currency.

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