5 reasons why people collect coins



2015-07-01 15:59:31

Millions of people around the world collect coins, but what's the appeal? Let's take a look at the 5 reasons why people collect coins. 

5. It can be a great investment

One of the most common reasons people start to collect coins is for their investment value. The world's rarest coins can change hands for millions of dollars and while not all are as valuable, they still have the potential to turn a tidy profit.

Most mints around the world issue bullion coins with high gold or silver contents that offer a simple way to diversify your assets.

For those in the know, historical coins can rise substantially in value. The 1908 Indian Head cent, for example, has a relatively low mintage and can still be bought cheaply.

4. You can learn about history

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The first coins were minted around the Mediterranean during the 6th century BC, almost 3,000 years ago. Coins are tactile objects, passed from hand to hand, and offer a tangible link to the past.

Whatever your area of interest, coins offer a fascinating insight.

From the siege coins of Charles I to the 1964-D Peace dollar (the last truly valuable coin struck in the US to date) you're bound to find something that fascinates you.

3. It's a challenge

Image: PGCS

Collectors know that there is no feeling greater than tracking down that elusive piece. Whether it’s the crowning item in your collection or simply something you've been hunting for, the rush is palpable.

Assembling a complete set of dates or countries is not easy. It takes hard work and dedication, but the pay-off can be immensely satisfying.

2. There's a great sense of community

Image: Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association

For such a solitary and reflective hobby, there's a huge sense of community among coin collectors. From online forums to clubs and conventions, it’s a great way to meet people who share your interests.

JustCollecting is a great place to start! We already have a dedicated community of coin collectors.

1. It's fun!

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Coin collecting can be a huge amount of fun. The thrill of the chase, the elation of completing your collection and the pride that comes with showing it off to others who share your interests.

What's not to love?

Why not join the millions of people around the world building and sharing their collections? 

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2015-07-02 09:37:52

The history side is fascinating. 3,000 year old stamps or 175 year old stamps?

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