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D.H Lawrence's Lady Chatterley cheque up for auction

Swann to offer rare copy of The Honolulu Merchant’s Looking-Glass

Harry Potter books smashes world record price yet again

Historic map of pre-fire Chicago sold for almost ten times its estimate

Rare Chicago map shows the city before the Great Fire

V&A to host largest-ever Winnie the Pooh museum exhibition

Harry Potter first edition sells for new world record price

Jane Austen letter parodying Gothic novels to sell at Sotheby's

Rare works of detective fiction on offer at Heritage Auctions

Original Salem witch trials manuscript sold in New York

Alcoholics Anonymous original manuscript auctioning with $3 million estimate

Swann presents important artifacts from African American history

Original copy of Schindler's List for sale at $2.4 million

Relics from the Beat Generation lead Heritage New York book sale

Mickey Spillane's Typewriter to sell at Heritage Auctions

Mark Twain's stagecoach trunk for sale in New York auction

Heritage to sell the Neal Cassady letter which inspired On The Road

First edition of Gulliver's Travels heads Bonhams rare book sale

Sylvester Stallone's rare book library to sell at Heritage Auctions

Galileo's autograph and Napoleon's watch for sale at Nate D. Sanders

Unique Harry Potter manuscript tops $450,000 at Sotheby's auction

Is Henry VIII's prayer book coming to auction?

Harry Potter first edition fetches world record price at Bonhams

J.K Rowling's The Tales of Beedle manuscript set for £500,000 sale

Brideshead Revisited First Edition to sell at Bonhams

Alexandre Dumas stories in one book. The book has always suffered badly from th...

First map of New York Harbour could fetch $10 million

Michelin guides from 1900 to present day to sell at Christie's

Ernest Hemingway's love letter to Marlene Dietrich up for sale

Unpublished Maurice Sendak illustrations to sell at Swann Auction Galleries