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Lot 463: Harper Lee, Valentine’s Day card from 2010

Lot 466: W. Somerset Maugham, Exceptional vintage matte-finish 6 x 9 soft-focus...

Lot 478: P. G. Wodehouse, Two letters: an ALS

Lot 479: Yankee Poets, Four items: an ALS from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Lot 470: Ezra Pound, Handwritten notes

Lot 439: Samuel Beckett, Signed book: Collected Poems in English and French. Fir...

Lot 445: Erskine Caldwell, Signed book: God’s Little Acre. Later printing. NY: T...

Lot 461: Stephen King, Book: Carrie. First edition

Lot 465: Jack London, Central Bank of Oakland check

Lot 448: Willa Cather, Signed book: My Antonia. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company

Lot 455: Hermann Hesse, Ink signature

Lot 446: Karel and Josef Capek, Brothers

Lot 442: Ray Bradbury, Collection of three hardcover books with dust jackets

Lot 443: Robert Browning, Uncommon ink signature

Lot 438: Ray Bradbury, DS

Lot 469: Katherine Anne Porter, Christmas card from 1964 featuring colorful holi...

Lot 472: Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Souvenir typescript headed “One Day in the Life...

Lot 435: Edward Albee, Oversized matte-finish 11 x 14 photo of Albee in profile

Lot 432: Virginia Woolf, Sought-after fountain pen signature

Lot 456: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr, AQS on an off-white 6 x 8 sheet

Lot 427: George Bernard Shaw, Vintage matte-finish 8 x 10 bust-length portrait o...

Lot 428: Robert Louis Stevenson, ALS

Lot 429: John Steinbeck, ALS signed “John

Lot 436: Isaac Asimov, Three TLSs

Lot 424: Luigi Pirandello and Marta Abba, Rare matte-finish 6.75 x 9 photo of Pi...

Lot 420: Victor Hugo, ALS in French

Lot 434: Emile Zola, ALS in French

Lot 417: Ernest Hemingway, Superb TLS

Lot 419: Victor Hugo, ALS in French