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Lot 1968: Capote Truman In Cold Blood

Lot 1971: E. B. White Charlotte's Web

Lot 1973: Steinbeck John two works East of Eden William Heinemann 1952 and The G...

Lot 1967: Steinbeck John Of Mice and Men

Lot 1884: Large group of bound editions of The Magazine Antiques

Lot 1976: Hellman Lillian Pentimento

Lot 1810: Group of 1930's Life magazines.

Lot 1974: Doyle Sir Arthur Conan The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Lot 1966: Hemingway Ernest A Moveable Feast

Lot 1965: Melville Herman Moby Dick or The Whale

Lot 1970: Stowe Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom's Cabin

Lot 1972: Stowe Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom's Cabin

Lot 1969: Steinbeck John East of Eden

Lot 1975: Dickens Charles All the Year Round

Lot 1707: Collection of books

Casserole Recipes (76) (2013, Flash Cards) in Plastic Wrapper, Never Opened

Counting Sheep by Simone Abel (1998, Hardback)

Cookbook Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook 14th Ed. 2006 Collectible Red

VTG Collected Recipes Cookbook Meadowsweet Kitchens Binder Organizer w/20 Sheet

The Silkworm First Edition Signed by J.K Rowling as Robert Galbraith

The Casual Vacancy First Edition signed by J.K Rowling

Lot 628: Four San Francisco City Directories

Lot 635: Three San Francisco, CA City Directories

Lot 636: Three San Francisco City Directories

Lot 617: Five Nevada & Utah Directories

Lot 602: San Francisco Directories for 1907 and 1908

Lot 606: 1913 Salt Lake City, UT City Directory

Lot 611: Eight Connecticut Directories Some with Maps

Lot 572: Albany New York Directory 1858

Lot 584: 1921 Muskogee, OK City Directory