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Lot 2138: Meyer Lansky's Pair of Books From His Library

Lot 2140: ‘Mad Sam’ DeStefano Set of (3) Courtroom Sketches

Lot 2129: Meyer Lansky's Gold-Tone Gillette Razor

Lot 2133: Meyer and Teddy Lansky's Silver Dollar 25th Anniversary Set and Signed...

Lot 2134: Meyer Lansky Signed Birthday Card to His Wife

Lot 2125: Meyer Lansky's Dark Blue Overcoat

Lot 2081: Hilton Bybee Original Vintage Mug Shot Photograph and FBI Papers

Lot 2120: Meyer Lansky Handwritten Diary Entry on Gambling

Lot 2122: Meyer Lansky Signed Oil Contract

Lot 2051: Sheriff 'Smoot' Schmid Family's Pair of Signed J. Edgar Hoover Letters

Lot 2060: Clyde Barrow Original Vintage 'Wanted' Details Photograph

Lot 2029: Raymond Hamilton's Girlfriends Mary Pitts and Katie Jenkins Pair of Or...

Lot 2035: Raymond Hamilton Newspaper and Pair of Statements

Lot 2046: Sheriff 'Smoot' Schmid's 'Execution Book'

Lot 2111: Harvey Bailey Wanted Poster

Lot 2132: Meyer Lansky's Remy Martin 1974 Anniversary Cognac

Lot 2025: Raymond Hamilton Set of (3) Original Vintage Photographs

Lot 2106: Fred Burke's Elgin Pocket Watch

Lot 2080: Joe Francis Signed Fingerprint Card and Original Vintage Mug Shot Phot...

Lot 2084: Barrow Gang Collection of (5) Original Vintage Mug Shot Photographs

Lot 2091: L. C. Barrow FBI Archive

Lot 2097: Marihuana Movie Window Card Poster

Lot 2074: Floyd Hamilton Original Vintage Mug Shot Photograph

Lot 2079: Billie Jean Parker Original Vintage Mug Shot Photograph

Lot 2147: James ‘Whitey’ Bulger Wanted Poster

Lot 2069: W. D. Jones Original Vintage Police Photograph

Lot 2072: Mary Pitts Signed Eyewitness Statement and Original Vintage Photograph...

Lot 2128: Meyer Lansky Personally Gifted Masonic Hiram Watch

Lot 2135: Meyer Lansky Signed Hotel Receipt

Lot 2139: Joseph Valachi Autograph Letter Signed