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Lot 519: Box Lot

Lot 536: First 7 Issues of Hemingway Notes Bound Together

Lot 539: Angelo Paciuchelli, Lectiones Morales in Prophetam Jonam

Lot 518: Box Lot

Lot 501: Trall, The Hydropathic Encyclopedia 1853

Lot 506: Valentin, Die Zuckungsgesetze des Lebenden Nerven und Muskels, 1863

Lot 527: Box Lot

Lot 533: 15 volumes of 19th century medical writing, mostly in French

Lot 513: Yerkes, the Dancing Mouse, 1907 inscribed

Lot 514: First important monograph on bacillary dysentery

Lot 515: Box

Lot 498: Luigi Tansillo The Nurse, A Poem

Lot 504: Tyrrell, A Practical Work on the Diseases of the Eye, 1840

Lot 458: Odier, Manuel de Médecine-Pratique, 1821

Lot 469: Mouvements Produits par le Contact Mutuel de Diverses Substances

Lot 483: Reaching the bladder through the rectum

Lot 437: Dialogues des Morts translated from the English

Lot 486: Du Croup Aigu des Enfans 1802

Lot 444: Cold water therapy by Mauthner 1837

Lot 457: Nelaton, Élémens de Pathologie Chirurgicale 1844-54

Lot 452: Monod, Selected Papers in Molecular Biology, 1978

Lot 431: Lieutaud's Practical Medicine 1787

Lot 422: Hufeland, Traité de la Maladie Scrophuleuse…1821

Lot 412: Hartshorne, Creative Synthesis and Philosophical Method

Lot 415: Helmholtz's Treatise on Physiological Optics, 1924

Lot 421: Huet, De Imbecillitate Mentis Humanae Libri Tres, 1738

Lot 390: Selected Papers on Electrocardiography of Willem Einthoven, 1977

Lot 399: Ignatius Gervasi on the flow of blood 1756

Lot 393: Fodoré, Traité de Médecine Légale et d’Hygiène Publique...1813

Lot 405: Grimaud, Cours complet de Fievres 1791