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J.K Rowling illustrated personal horoscope

Lot 616: Six City Directories for Boston, Minneapolis, Saginaw, etc

Lot 621: Six Volumes of City Directories

Lot 610: Four Philadelphia, PA City Directories

Lot 612: Nine City Directories - Denver, Cities in Massachusetts, Etc

Lot 601: Six Minneapolis City Directories

Lot 575: The Morden's African Adventure

Lot 577: Map showing Columbus' voyages

Lot 582: Confidential Report on WWII veterans from the Philippines

Lot 592: Jesuit Mission Presses in the Pacific Northwest: A History and Bibliogr...

Lot 595: The Bee Hive - albumen photograph

Lot 560: Hokahey! A Good Day to Die! One of 50 copies

Lot 569: Camp on Custer Liddic & Harbaugh One of 25 special copies

Lot 571: First Church in Pittsfield Massachusetts

Lot 572: Bookplates from McGill University Library

Lot 574: Harvest of Barren Regrets Life of Frederick Benteen

Lot 552: French Revolution / Negro Emancipation rare postcards 1939

Lot 556: Die cut Valentines

Lot 536: 1887-8 Minneapolis, MN City Directory

Lot 529: 1881 Newton, MA City Directory

Lot 542: Directory of Helana Montana 1917

Lot 527: 1882-3 Naumkeag District Directory for Salem, MA

Lot 526: 1882 Milford, MA City Directory

Lot 521: 1911 Hyde Park, MA City Directory

Lot 502: 1906 Colorado State Business Directory

Lot 506: 1909 Denver, CO City Directory

Lot 512: 1907 Wichita, KS City Directory

Lot 513: 1910 Wichita, KS City Directory

Lot 494: Circuit rider, itinerant preaching and misc manuscript material

Lot 488: Journal of a Voyage from Boston to the West Coast of Africa